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Joining Our Customers' Conversation
Channel Silver - Email Marketing
Entrant Credits
Monique Strawbridge, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers
Nominee Credits
Chris Boyle, Troy Smith
Entry Rationale
GIB® Superline® is a newly released plasterboard product created by the team at Winstone Wallboards (GIB®). Effectively a 5-in-1 product, it has been specially developed for situations that require multi-performance, including impact and water resistance. It makes things easier for those in the industry as it can be specified broadly across a building project to generally improve the level of wall performance.

But after being in the market for over six months it had not met sales expectations. Product sales needed to be increased quickly by convincing the target audience that this new product could be used in place of the other performance systems they know so very well.

As a result, using email marketing was chosen to deliver something unexpected from GIB. The strongly risk-adverse audience, Architects and Specifiers, were encouraged to engage with the brand by giving them the opportunity to participate with the company before the email platform was used to tell GIB Superline’s own product story.

This approach has proved a massive success. Just two weeks after the first eDM was deployed, GIB experienced a huge sales uplift for GIB Superline. What’s more, as this product offers a much higher profit margin with a 5% higher premium than other performance boards in the GIB range, such as GIB Aqualine (for wet, high-moisture areas such as bathrooms), GIB Toughline (for high impact areas – i.e. hospital corridors), the gross overall margin has been boosted as well.