Home Loan Top Up
Home Loan Top Up
Channel Silver - Direct Mail B2C
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Wayne Pick, Kristal Knight, Lucy Morgan, Vanessa Morris, Dave Wilson, Sam Brough, Alex Smith, Sheriden Derby, Ange Legge, David Arcus, Jodi Davis
Nominee Credits
Marcia Masters, Tone Hansen, Kristen Dickson
Entry Rationale
In mid-2014, it was confirmed $5.5 billion of high-LVR loans had been wiped from the market as a result of the restriction the New Zealand Reserve Bank had introduced, so other ways to close the revenue gap needed to be found.

It made sense to talk to their existing customer base about topping up their home loans, but it was something BNZ had never done. And it was going to be a challenge to balance offering additional credit with their brand promise to help New Zealanders to be good with money.

The solution was to use smart direct targeting for a communication that demonstrated to the right customers how BNZ could help make their renovation dreams a reality. The messaging reinforced that often money spent improving their biggest asset can pay them back tenfold.

Using Google Maps technology, an aerial photo of each customer’s actual house and surrounding area were delivered, making the communication feel instantly relevant. While loan pre-approvals couldn’t be offered, the innovative and intriguing way in which the piece was personalised, combined with a reassuring call to action, helped get customers over the fear of being declined and consequently triggered response.

As a result, many homeowners brought their dreams to life, generating millions in new lending and returning an impressive 538% ROI.