Heel-Tapping Retail Success
Heel-Tapping Retail Success
Industry Bronze - Retail
Ziera Shoes
Entrant Credits
Monique Strawbridge, Virginia Bashford, Elizabeth Kazalbash, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers, Kelly Elcock
Nominee Credits
Nicky Dunn, Kirsten Hyde
Entry Rationale
Ziera is a Kiwi footwear manufacturer and retailer of ‘fashionable comfort’ positioned at the higher end of market. With a network of their own stores, plus selected independent retailers in New Zealand and Australia, Ziera embraces a woman’s uniqueness by producing shoes in a wide range of fittings and styles. Designed for the perfect fit, the Ziera range also has options for those with orthotics requirements, including adjustable features.

In response to a number of market pressures, Ziera needed to ensure that every opportunity to maximise revenue was explored. Rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, Ziera has approached its marketing in the same way it approaches shoe design: with an appreciation for the individual.

This is a critical strategic approach that applies the basic principle of relevance and translates into targeted, well refined communications that have helped produce a 16% increase in response rates season on season (SOS) – enviable, as it was the 4th season response rates had increased since the base 2011 season (response rates have increased a massive 81% in total since the 2011 base season!).