Getting Clubcard Into Shoppers' Wallets
Getting Clubcard Into Shoppers' Wallets
Channel Silver - Direct Mail B2C
Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Monique Strawbridge, Marnie Brannigan, Virginia Bashford, Amy Watson, Will Riley, Ben Goodale, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Emily Blumenthal, Eugene Ruane, Ross Martin, Lisa Bailey, Lydia Mann, Kimberly Davis
Entry Rationale
New World Clubcard launched in the South Island in July 2014 to deliver a world-leading customer experience. Research showed that customers wanted a New World loyalty programme and that their expectations would be high. The programme therefore had to be a significantly different loyalty offering, superior to Countdown’s Onecard.

Critical to success was the receipt of the Clubcard via post. The moment when a customer finds out that New World is making ‘shopping more rewarding’ for them. The pack had to arrive and instantly create excitement.

In addition to excitement, the pack needed to clearly articulate the complexities of the programme. Not an easy task with multiple stakeholders, various legal checks and three brand guidelines that needed consideration. Then there was expressing the benefits of the programme:

-    instant savings (Club Deals) regardless of spend level, and
-    a choice of rewards can be collected – Fly Buys or Airpoints - at all Fly Buys retailers;
-    plus either currency can be converted into ‘New World Dollars’ to spend at New World.

A spectacularly important task, which needed to be neatly tied up with a bow!

To validate the investment, avoid in-store sign-up chaos and ensure the Clubcard launch was a success, 70% of DM recipients needed to scan their Clubcard in-store within a very short launch period at a New World checkout. In just six weeks, they hit 81% Clubcard activations!