Feel Better February
Feel Better February
Industry Silver - FMCG, Channel Bronze - CRM Multi-Channel
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Fonterra Tip Top - Symbio
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Kristal Knight, Rachael Macklin, Richard Birkby, Katherine Sliper, Lucy Hartstone, Sue Gill, Serena Fountain-Jones, Gene Wheaton, Jen Storey, Vivienne Jaspers, Felicity Morgan-Rhind
Nominee Credits
Stephanie Hague, Emma Dunstone-Brown
Additional Credits
Shane Taipari, James Cowley, Simon Temple, Richard Shaw, OMD, Blockhead, Production Music, Franklin Road
Entry Rationale
Symbio was a functional, probiotic yoghurt, eaten for digestive health reasons as a cure rather than a lifestyle product, almost like vitamins. Although this had led to a strong market share of the probiotic market, it was being consumed by a niche audience, primarily women over 55 and infrequently. In order to grow, that needed to be changed.

While people knew Symnbio aided digestive health, it had very little warmth or emotional connection. Despite this, research uncovered that the 18-34 age group have the highest repeat rates of Symbio once they have bought into the product.

To expand the appeal of Symbio to this younger audience, it was decided to evolve its positioning beyond the purely functional and embrace a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. In doing so, a degree of warmth and connection to the brand could be added, increasing appeal and relevance.

So ‘Feel Better February’ was created. A month in which women of any age could start a daily habit to help them feel better inside and out, with regular eating of Symbio at its heart.

Despite a new lower-priced competitor entering the market, Symbio’s consideration, regular purchase and market share all increased significantly, ultimately driving volume growth of 30% over the previous quarter and 10% on the previous year.

This campaign demonstrated how brand engagement, delivered through smart direct conversations with customers, can actually deliver better results than sales promotions.