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Farmers Christmas Gift Globe
Channel Bronze - Social Media & Viral
Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Birgit C Hoeglinger, Colin Rebairo, Ryan Macpherson, Ed Bell, Tommy Eu, Liz Harvey
Nominee Credits
Dean Cook, Kate Watson
Entry Rationale
Last year Farmers wanted to help bring back the magic of Christmas shopping. They also wanted to give people personal inspiration; helping them find the perfect gift for themselves. But more than this, they wanted a way to remind shoppers that they had more than one or two departments that they were known for, and were a truly one-stop-shop for a gift on everyone’s list.

Creating a tool to help customers discover more of what Farmers had to offer and find the perfect, most relevant present would also enable Farmers’ full departmental offering to be showcased.

The solution: the Farmers Christmas “Gift Globe”, a virtual creation of an object synonymous with Christmas and wonder. The Gift Globe presented users with the gift solution based on information gleaned from the personal Facebook profile of the person they were buying for. Upon ‘shaking the globe’ the tool used that profile information to match an appropriate gift to the person, their interests -and the gift buyer’s budget - to return a range of exciting (often unexpected) gift ideas from Farmers.

Within just three weeks there were 216,354 interactions/clicks with an average time on the Gift Globe of 2minutes 16 seconds. By the end of the campaign, 172,701 shakes for a gift they didn’t know Farmers stocked had occurred, interacting and engaging with over 30% of Farmers’ Facebook fan base and their friends.