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Industry Silver - Financial Services, Craft Silver - Innovative Use of Craft, Channel Bronze - Campaign Website
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Terry Williams-Willcock, Kristal Knight, Rachael Macklin, Sarah Williams, Vanessa Morris, Hannah Watson, Ruth Blair, Angela Legge, Trish Fabling, Matt Couston, Greg Forsyth, Paul Headington, Geoffrey Joe, Craig Thompson, Matt Visser, Mike Delucchi Zanuka, David Quick, Craig MacGregor
Nominee Credits
Robert Orr, Rob Cooke, Craig Herbison
Additional Credits
Entry Rationale
BNZ’s mission is to help all New Zealanders to ‘Be Good with Money’ and for many this begins with an honest conversation. The problem is when 50% of people admit they actively avoid discussing money matters with family1, it’s a challenge to get them to talk to a bank.

With studies having shown that emotions influence our financial decisions more than we realise, a  safe, engaging environment was required for this campaign to succeed. Seeing that this was a rich vein to tap to help consumers understand how they were feeling about money, the search was on to find a technology partner that could bring the EmotionScan idea to life through a state-of-the-art web experience.

EmotionScan, users were taken through eight different money scenarios, during which 3D emotion recognition technology analysed hundreds of points on the face to decode their micro-expressions. A highly personalised report then revealed the impact their emotions play on their financial decision-making and identified the areas they may need to consider more closely.

Over 8,000 people experienced the EmotionScan technology and over 119,000 watched a three- minute film on the role emotions play in financial decision-making. The result - New Zealanders are now 15% more confident that BNZ is the bank to help them be good with money and the bank moved from fifth to second for consideration.

¹  Dominion Post (Oct, 2012)