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Confirmation 2014
Industry Bronze - Financial Services
WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds
Entrant Credits
Chris Cameron, Phillip van Bussel, Alex Perkins, Courtney van Beek
Entry Rationale
WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds is a Kiwi owned and operated Tax Refund Company that specialises in the service of filing personal tax returns for New Zealanders.

Each new tax year all tax agents are required to re-engage all of their pre-existing clients. We start the tax year with an active customer base of zero and must reconnect with all previous customers. The complexity of the industry and the volume of competitors (40 direct competitors) means strong DM across email, text, direct, social, web and mobile is crucial to success.

A focus of the campaign is to maintain and extend WooHoo’s position as the industry leader. In order to do this they undertook a focus on leading technology with the innovation of having the first fully interactive mobile app available to all of their customers at the core of the confirmation and retention campaign.

The WooHoo brand has brought life and fun to the otherwise rather dry industry of tax. The campaign needs to continue to deliver enjoyment and engagement to its customers and new customers.

Using a wide range of cross-channel targeted direct marketing techniques, WooHoo has made getting a refund easy, fun and understandable, engaging a cross section of New Zealanders and delivering millions of dollars back to consumers.