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Combine The Codes
Industry Bronze - Other B2C
Entrant Credits
Dave Nash, Damon O'Leary, Vikki Cheng, Gary Butcher, Kate Ferriman, Campbell McLean, Tania Stevenson
Nominee Credits
Mike Heath, Katherine O'Connor, Kevin Broome
Additional Credits
Sean McCready, Will Tran
Entry Rationale
Traditionally TAB’s sports betting success correlates directly with the profile and interest of the sports event being promoted, i.e. if broadcast numbers are up, so too is betting turnover. As such, All Blacks tests, Super Rugby and NRL are gold, clustered tightly within Q1 (August to October) of the TAB financial year.  

After a highly successful Q1, the perennial lack of profitable sporting events in Q2 (November to January) led to a forecast decline of 19% quarter-on-quarter in total sports betting turnover. The business was keen to buck this trend and address the decline of the Sport Multi Bet that had shown a 4% decline in turnover even in the lucrative Q1. Multi Bet links the outcome of several games to multiply the odds and increase the potential return.

The strategic challenge was double-barrelled; to stimulate betting interest and activity in Q2, and at the same time halt the decline of the Sports Multi Bet, its highly complex yet most profitable betting product.

This product-led strategy cleverly showcased the Q2 individual niche sporting events to create the visibility and hype required to stimulate betting activity. The creative visually represented the endless options available, taking combinations of three small sports choreographed to form one big Multi Bet sporting mash up.

The results exceeded all expectations, both for the Multi product and the sports betting category, for the first time ever achieving Q2 results that matched that of Q1.