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Anti Pre-Roll
Channel Gold - Social Media & Viral, Craft Gold - Excellence in Strategy
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Burger King
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Levi Slavin, Brett Colliver, Simon Vicars, Oriel Davis-Lyons, Victoria Graves, Anna Holloway, Katie Knight
Nominee Credits
James Woodbridge, Rachel Moriss Jarvis
Additional Credits
Fraser Brown, Helena Brooks, Franklin Road, Mandy
Entry Rationale
In the battle to attract 18-29 y/o males during the highly competitive lunchtime, Burger King wanted to champion its ‘Stunner Meal’ range. Problem was, they had a limited budget and needed to incite action fast.

Media analysis showed that Youtube ads were a highly effective way to reach the target market – but young guys hate them, regarding them as an irritation standing between them and the content they want to watch.

By acknowledging the annoyance being forced upon consumers and creating a highly personalised experience unlike any pre-roll content they had seen before was the best hope of keeping the brand top of mind when making their next lunchtime decision.

Using in-depth analysis of the huge amount of granular, contextual search data available, a list of content popular with the target was compiled. The list covered general categories (such as movie trailers) through to specifically referencing the latest viral sensations.

Not 1 but 64 versions of an ad were filmed where hero characters spoke directly to the audience, referencing the specific content they were getting in the way of. Each ad was then matched with YouTube videos that contained correlating themes (via keyword tagging), effectively creating millions of customised YouTube ads. From the ads, consumers were driven through to a landing page that gave them more information on the full range.

At a time when no other activity was running, objectives were smashed, with a nationwide sales increase of 17% and increased footfall of 15%.