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A More Appealing Christmas
Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit
Heart Foundation
Entrant Credits
Simon Breed, Anthony MacLean, Eva Trebilco, Kenton Osmond, Darryl Wong, Barry Cumming
Nominee Credits
Gail McIntyre, Christiane Wong
Entry Rationale
Despite world-class heart healthcare now available in NZ, there is still much to be done. With the upsurge in obesity and diabetes, the Heart Foundation is facing a bigger task – with much bigger funding targets to meet.

With ever-increasing number of cases of preventable heart disease, the Heart Foundation couldn’t rely on the Heart Week Annual Appeal to make up funding shortfalls. To make one of their standard appeals work harder and get more people donating, they turned a traditional spring appeal into the ‘Heart Foundation Christmas Appeal’, tapping the seasonal spirit of generosity.

Having applied best practice principles drawn from testing and carefully designed with Christmas warmth, the mailing included a ‘free gift’ to thank donors, playing to the tried and tested ‘benefactor before beggar’ psychology.

Different versions of copy and personalisation demonstrated that previous donors were remembered and that their past support was appreciated.  The mailing was extended to a carefully selected acquisition audience and a selection of the most generous donors was also sent a follow-up – again a proven technique.

Attention to detail meant the budgeted response was exceeded by 186%, and beat ambitious ‘stretch’ targets by 136%. Average response was 17%, with active donors responding at 23%. Even cold acquisition response was 5.1% - 200% of target. ROI was 3.36:1 – an unqualified success and the most successful standard appeal ever.