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Z Newbies Trial
Channel Silver – Email Marketing, Industry Bronze – Retail
Loyalty New Zealand
Z Energy
Entrant Credits
Suzanne de Geus, Angela MacDonald
Nominee Credits
Barbara Hinkley, Alisha Burns
Entry Rationale
Z is a New Zealand-owned fuel service company with 200 stations across the country. They are the only New Zealand fuel provider to offer Fly Buys, and regularly give back to the communities that support them.

After being a Fly Buys partner for 16 years, Z was able to harness its customer base in a new way to bring fantastic results to the bottom line.

Knowing that Fly Buys members were an excellent market, the hypothesis was that new members who were freshly engaged and eager to collect points would be a valuable target audience. Conveniently, new Fly Buys members were deemed to be the perfect group to educate how to collect points with Z, as they were unlikely to have any pre-existing perception.

A three-month trial tested the hypothesis that an on-boarding programme of new Fly Buys members would expedite and increase their engagement with Z. From the trial period on, the strategy was to develop an effective but low-impact, ‘set and forget’ communications programme. An uplift in incremental business was predicted by accelerating their points balance early on, promoting early reward redemption, and thereby encouraging them to collect more points. Through targeted offers, Z increased engagement with this important group, and saw a significant increase in spend across all areas of the business – not easily achieved in a highly competitive industry.

The single-minded proposition for this campaign was ‘Z rewards you with Fly Buys’. As a trial, Z Newbies was a resounding success: for such a low-cost programme, it delivered impressive results, and also discovered the limits of the strategy – an equally helpful result.

Even better, the Z Newbies trial was, from the get-go, set up as a low-impact campaign, meaning it could go on to form a regular part of the Z customer engagement calendar at very little cost to the company.

As a trial, Z Newbies was a resounding success: for such a low-cost programme, impressive results were seen, as well as the limits of the strategy discovered – an equally helpful result.