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“What’s My Number” 2013 Winter Campaign
Channel Gold – Direct Response (any media), Channel Silver – Campaign Website
Electricity Authority
Entrant Credits
Paul Irwin, Sarah Meikle, James Mok
Nominee Credits
Todd Collings, Anthony McLagan
Additional Credits
Tony Clewett, Scott Kelly, Leisa Wall, Casey King, David Thomason, Rachel Guider, Paul Freeman, Pip Mayne, Nick Smith, Blair Alexander, Steph Pearson, Kevin Akers, Eric Thompson, Angela Spain, Dan Currin, Kimberly Kastelan
Entry Rationale

What’s My Number (WMN) is an initiative from the Government, delivered by the Electricity Authority in association with MBIE and Consumer New Zealand, to ensure a competitive electricity market.

Its goal is to increase retail competition by creating informed choice and building a “propensity to switch” amongst New Zealanders – that is, empower consumers to shop around to get the best deal on their power supply. A quick calculator at helps visitors find their “number” (potential savings) by answering just six simple questions. And if the number is appealing, they can then click through to Consumer Powerswitch for more information and to begin the switching process.

The 2011 launch campaign which introduced New Zealanders to What’s My Number changed the electricity retail landscape. Within four months over 400,000 unique visitors had been to the website and retailers responded by slashing their prices.

The challenges for 2013 were to address the huge drop in traffic from launch during 2012 (50% during the winter period), tackle the complacency starting to creep back into Kiwi consumers, and address the year-on-year drop in switching numbers, a key indicator of the campaign’s success. Equally, retailers needed to be kept on their toes.

Specific objectives were:

  • reverse the downward trend in traffic to WMN. Aim for a 5% increase in unique visitors over the June – September period of 2102
  • increase switching by 5% over the calendar year, including the key campaign period. Make sure Kiwis took advantage of attractive offers when retailers approached them
  • ensure a dynamic market with retailers aggressively pursuing consumers with attractive offers.

By providing a new proposition, “Easy Money”, and focusing on both the supply and demand sides of the retail market, the aggressive 2013 Winter campaign reversed the trends and sparked a retail switching war.

The target for unique visitors was beaten by 60% and the target for switching doubled, demonstrating that What’s My Number is here to stay and much more than a one-hit wonder. Digital activity was optimised during the campaign, with a strong focus on the key action: find your number.