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Q Card 3+1
Channel Silver – Direct Mail B2C, Industry Bronze – Financial Services
Fisher & Paykel Finance
Entrant Credits
Sharon Henderson, Liz Adams, Callum Hayes
Nominee Credits
Rachelle Crowe, Jackie Hassall, Theola Blaauw
Additional Credits
Ben Chandler
Entry Rationale
Q Card is a retail finance card that offers ‘3 months no payments or interest’ on every purchase made, as well as access to a host of even better finance offers, which can be anything up to 48 months. It’s accepted at thousands of stores nationwide and can be used to finance larger one-off purchases like a fridge (Q Finance). But it can also be used like a credit card, where any remaining credit or additional credit sitting on the card can be used to shop for smaller items like kettles and clothes (Q Eftpos).

Cardholders were opting for their usual credit cards, not fully understanding that Q Card could be used at EFTPOS. Winter spending at Q Card retailers had also been slower than expected, creating a double whammy on Q Card’s bottom line so they needed to recover some of the shortfall, and get back on the path towards a strong Christmas.

To spur cardholders to spend in October, a compelling offer was needed. So something innovative but simple was offered for the 3 week campaign period: the interest and payment free period was extended from 3 months….to 4 months. This meant they didn’t have to worry about making payments and incurring interest until after Christmas, so they could still have their planned spend-up over the festive season. It was a small change for Q Card, but one that would make a huge difference to Q Cardholders and also prospective cardholders. Extending the interest and payment-free period from 3 months to 4 months would mean they didn’t have to worry about making payments and incurring interest until after Christmas.

The campaign elements introduced ‘breathing space’ everywhere. The direct mail material was made to literally hang in space by being attached and wrapped into a larger, clear, flow wrap envelope. The effect was a never-seen-before one. The breathing space theme of blue skies also carried on through all the communication layers of online and social media.

The creative idea also turned this core proposition into the brilliantly simple, easily understood message of: 3 + 1.