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Q Card – 40 Days
Industry Bronze – Financial Services
Fisher & Paykel Finance
Entrant Credits
Sharon Henderson, Callum Hayes, Ben Chandler
Nominee Credits
Rachelle Crowe, Jackie Hassall, Jenna Richards
Additional Credits
Liz Adams, Duncan Wilson, Sarah Hughes, Jeremy Clark, Dan Hopkins, Theola Blaauw, Naresh Makan
Entry Rationale
Q Card is a retail finance card that gives cardholders ‘3 months no payments or interest’ on every purchase made, as well as access to a host of even better finance offers, which can be anything up to 48 months. It’s accepted at thousands of stores nationwide. You can use it to finance larger one-off purchases like a fridge (Q Finance) but it can also be used like a credit card, where any remaining credit or additional credit sitting on the card can be used to shop for smaller items like kettles and clothes (Q Eftpos).

Christmas is a battleground for Q Card and its retailers. While retailers frantically slug it out for sales with big, noisy campaigns and deals, Q Card struggles to get seen or heard, let alone get priority ahead of regular credit cards. Every year, it has to work extra hard to achieve its own big Christmas sales targets.

While a record breaking performance had been achieved in Christmas 2011, Q Card’s sales targets were set even higher for 2012….and all with a dramatic 30% reduction in the campaign budget. With hefty new targets to achieve, Christmas sales on Q Card had to be driven as early as possible. Q Card would have to become synonymous with Christmas spend in both November AND December.

Utilising insight into shopper behaviour and matching it with a clever strategy that surrounded cardholders throughout the Christmas campaign period, something was achieved that had never been achieved before.

To get Christmas shoppers to shift their Q Card from ‘back up option’ and into pole position – front of wallet - a Christmas story that would not only last the distance of November, but stay fresh and motivating right through to the end of December was required. The “Always On” strategy used a multi-layered, two-phased approach, designed to deliver the campaign proposition at every possible touchpoint. In this way, cardholders received constant reminders to use their Q Card right up to Christmas, driving both Q Eftpos spend and new Fixed Instalment business.

On every measure, this campaign achieved absolutely outstanding results.