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New World Wine Awards 2012
Channel Silver – Direct Mail B2C
Loyalty New Zealand
Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Valerie von Geldern, Claire Stradling, Adrian Rasmussen
Nominee Credits
Sarah Austin, Lisa Bailey, Chris Bassett
Additional Credits
Roy Scoon, Hannah Webb, Lisa Lankshear, Sarah Ward, Shannon Bell
Entry Rationale
Each September New World runs the New World Wine Awards, where international wine judges score over 1,000 different wines from New World’s range to find the top 50 wines under $25.

For the tenth year of these Awards, all the stops were pulled out to create a campaign that would have customers filling their trolleys with award-winning wines.

Considering the Wine Awards is a popular and successful annual campaign, an ambitious objective was set to improve an already winning formula.

Objectives (all of which were achieved or exceeded):
• Exceed the 2011 Wine Awards DM achievement rate of 2.6% for multi-buy Fly Buys
offers (The Fly Buys multi-buy offers are buy any 3 bottles and get 10 bonus points,
buy any 6 bottles and get 25 bonus points, or buy 12 bottles and get 60 bonus points.)
• Exceed the 2011 Wine Awards DM incremental wine spend level
• Overall campaign response rate of 20% for the DM (targeted customers purchase a
featured wine)
• Promote store wine tasting evenings to relevant customers at each store create attendance
uplift over control.

Starting with a deeper look into New World and Fly Buys’ combined data than ever before, big wine-buying customers were identified, looking at where they shopped, exactly what wine they were drinking and whether they had swiped their Fly Buys card. Customers who fit these criteria were identified through the combination of New World’s SKU transactional data (which has information about product purchases) and Fly Buys member information (which allows us to tie all of the purchase behaviour back to specific customers). Customers were ranked based on wine purchase frequency, and the top 200,000 customers nationwide were selected.

A comprehensive, dynamic DM piece was created centred around the proposition: ‘We’ve found the perfect drop for you.’

Here’s what one customer posted on New World‘s Facebook page: So... How the heck did you send me a personalised brochure saying you had selected “the perfect drop for Prudence” the same day that I had bought exactly that wine (Mt Brown Riesling – which I had never heard of before)?!
Is this Data Mining in action? Great wine though....