New Season Fashion Launch - Replacing a Mass Blast
New Season Fashion Launch - Replacing a Mass Blast
Channel Silver – Direct Mail B2C
Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Amy Morrison, Ben Goodale, Georgie Butler
Nominee Credits
Dean Cook, Toby Hilless, Deb Summers
Additional Credits
Jess Hall, Rachel Yee, Rahul Abhyankar, Josh Graham, Kelly Elcock, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers
Entry Rationale
Farmers, like all fashion retailers, has two key fashion periods each year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Because of a number of macro factors, Autumn/Winter new season fashion starts appearing in all retail stores from mid-February, when summer is just starting to heat up.

Because all other retailers launch their new season campaigns at this same time, Farmers has to have a marketing presence– you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Previous new season launch campaigns, which were focused around mass-scale letterbox-dropped catalogues, soaked up a significant proportion of the marketing budget and produced little ROI. Clearly a smarter way of launching new season to their customers was needed in order reduce costs and produce a stronger ROI for the business.

In-depth data analysis was undertaken to gain behavioural insights from the Farmers Club base that allowed a move from a generic one-size-fits-all, mass blast approach to a highly targeted, personalised and relevant mail pack, all while reducing cost and wastage.

The biggest creative challenge was in positioning the new season launch in a way that was relevant given the time of year and seasonal messaging. The term ‘fashion preview’ was incorporated to position the launch as the start of new season (and soften how early they were in store). This also gave a sense of exclusivity to the launch – only members got the special ‘preview’.

The most significant creative influence was in the development of different creative versions with colours, imagery and copy all tailored to each of the 16 catalogue versions, all of which had a different order and make up depending on the hierarchy of categories that were included. The items were grouped into trends to focus the items into stories to guide the recipient in the broad context of fashion trends for the season. Accessories, lingerie and beauty sections were added to ‘complete the look’.

This brave new strategic approach, founded out of solid data insights, allowed the cost of the Autumn/Winter 2013 new season catalogue launch to be reduced by over 40% and ROI over the period improved by 45%.