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Industry Gold – Financial Services, Channel Gold – Campaign Website
Entrant Credits
Michael Pryor, Craig Dowling, Liesa Hurn, Richard Joseph, Mike Marcinkowski, Tineke Bright, Anneliese Hillier, Nick Jones
Additional Credits
Rebecca Tansley, Toby Sellers, Michelle Koome, Kurt Strong, Monique Hawkins, Rob Banks, Simon Sievert, Tanya Johnson, Tony Clewett, Hillary Dobson, Jane Sweeney, Carolyn Kerr, Rachel Stewart, Amanda Cater, Ivan Atkins, Teaspoon Animation
Entry Rationale

A creative device to drive consumer response, is an insurance industry first. Created by IAG, it lead public awareness and supported New Zealanders through a significant change to home insurance - the change from actual replacement value to specified sum insurance.

There was little public awareness of IAG itself and/or in the post-Canterbury earthquake environment, the company and insurance industry were perceived negatively. A credible campaign with its own brand identity, brought to the public by a collective of leading insurance brands, was needed to provide the information and tools to help people deal with this major change.

Home insurance has been unchanged for more than 30 years, so the potential for misinformation and confusion were key service considerations for this campaign to address. At its heart is a user-friendly, brand-agnostic website with comprehensive, helpful information and online tools.

Grabbing people's attention with a message they couldn't fail to notice, a disruptive and highly visible campaign, delivered through multiple channels and reaching across communities, guided consumers to (or the appropriately branded version of it) where information and resources were available. The “talking letterboxes” are the creative device that drives the campaign and provides the need2know identity.

Consideration was also given to non-online customers with a suite of communications for all IAG-underwritten brands being customised and sent as part of a customer’s annual renewal of their insurance.

The success of the need2know programme contributed directly to a big shift in homeowners' knowledge and understanding of a significant change to their policies. It is the springboard linking all IAG brand-specific communication and an extensive community engagement programme.

Fully leveraged by IAG’s multiple brands and broker/bank partners, the need2know programme enabled the integrity of each one to be maintained. In addition to its commitment to educating homeowners, IAG worked closely with its own people, its numerous banking and insurance partners, community groups and specialist property providers to ensure they all understood the changes and were well supported.

Customer retention was one of the programme's objectives, primarily achieved by educating homeowners and enabling them to make informed decisions.