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MyMeter App Launch - Giving the Power Back
Industry Bronze - Communications/Utilities
Genesis Energy
Entrant Credits
Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Nathalie Philippsen
Nominee Credits
Chris Watney, Jess Maxwell, Roxann Tillie
Entry Rationale
My Meter App is a new product from Genesis Energy that puts all customers who have an Advanced Meter and a smartphone/tablet/iPad in control of their electricity usage via a free downloadable App. It gives customers visibility of their electricity usage and proactively helps them to set goals and keep them. The App pulls in actual data from their Advanced Meter.

Such energy-monitoring tools are helping to take the guesswork out of monthly bills. Along with the new technology, customer appetites for taking control of their own bills were growing too. With loads of competition from other retailers and churn inevitable, the new My Meter App tool had to be communicated to Genesis customers fast.

Speed to market was imperative. Mobile thinking led the way as a suite of responsive communications was rolled out and a streamlined ‘path to purchase’ designed. Everything possible had to be done to ensure the App download target was hit the first week.

Clever targeting was required to convert warm prospects quickly. Customers that were identified as having previously read emails on their mobile were first up as they would be most responsive to the product. My Account and Non My Account registered customers followed.

An engaging multi-channel approach ensured getting in front of customers and potential prospects too. Out of all channels, email was the most cost-effective and proved to be the most valuable. Its timely delivery and ‘one click to download’ gave customers what they were wanting and fast.

Everything was designed to ensure a quick and easy conversion. All digital elements had mobile in mind. All emails were responsive to the device the customer was on. The copy, imagery and design were adapted for the smaller screen and a single column view and ‘fat fingers’ approach adopted.

The exciting thing about the campaign launch is the traction gained via My Account registrations and engagement with the App. Best of all, a large percentage of customers returned to the App to check usage or set goals. Both actions were extremely valuable in driving the value of Genesis customers and also cementing the relationship that little bit more.