More For You - Customer Contact and Sales Engageme
More For You - Customer Contact and Sales Engageme
Nexus Bronze – Marketing Products & Services
ANZ Bank New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Melissa Neustroski, Nick Bell
Nominee Credits
Matt Pickering, Angela Pringle, Pip Wilkinson
Additional Credits
Claire Smollet, Matthew Grainger, Emma Watson
Entry Rationale
ANZ was in the middle of the biggest systems merger in the history of banking in New Zealand. Resources were stretched and there was only a small window of opportunity to convince customers to re-consider the Bank.

The merger also meant they had to work with completely new data. Furthermore, that data was only going to be available to them at around the same time they needed to get the first communication out!

Many commentators predicted a significant loss in market share.
On the basis that the best form of defence is counter attack, ANZ’s solution was ‘More for You’, a relentless below-the-line machine to fuel the sales pipeline - away from the eyes of competitors – demonstrating to customers the above-the-line proposition that the new ANZ offers you more.

ANZ built a bespoke below-the-line ‘engine’ that gave them the ability to deliver regular, proactive and relevant communications and offers quickly and cost-effectively across multiple touchpoints, including DM, eDM, outbound calling, frontline leads and Internet banking.

The modular design allowed components to be added quickly as they were required and as the data became available. Launching so quickly after conversion meant two data processes had to be run in parallel for a period – one each for legacy ANZ customers and legacy National Bank customers. When the new merged data was available, the More For You data engine was built.

‘More for You’ had a number of inter-related objectives, and succeeded in exceeding all of them.
• Consideration of ANZ amongst the key heritage National Bank customer group, who had always regarded the ANZ brand with suspicion, more than doubled
• ANZ not only maintained but grew market share – a ringing endorsement of the success of ‘More for You’
• The target of proactive customer contacts was not only met but significantly exceeded
• ‘More for You’ has delivered a simple, easily useable mechanism for generating and delivering frontline leads, contributing to better conversations with customers and more confidence and pride amongst staff.

The success of ‘More for You’ has created widespread buy-in across the Bank, and convinced the business to invest in extending the programme further.