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Massey University Summer School Campaign
Industry Bronze - Government/Public Sector
Massey University
Entrant Credits
Sarah Wood, Tracy Pleasants
Nominee Credits
Drew Ayers, Iain Urquhart, Tim Hansen
Entry Rationale
A range of university papers can be taken in Semester Three - also known as Summer School. Papers in 2013 were to commence on 18 November and conclude on 4 February 2014, with exams from 11 – 15 February 2014. Prospective students have a choice of campuses in Albany, Manawatu, Wellington and via Distance which supports the academic product.

In alignment with the University’s strategy, the aim of the Summer School campaign was to raise awareness of Massey and increase student enrolments in their Summer School programmes.

The target audience was well defined and segmented, and the most effective ways to reach them identified to ensure the message connected with them and impacted their decision-making process.

Most of Massey’s competitors have run Summer School campaigns in recent years and the creative solutions have followed well-worn paths (shot of a textbook and/or young student in a park or at the beach etc). This campaign came at it from the opposite direction. Instead of listing the advantages of attending Summer School, (and to overcome the inherent negative connotations of spending the summer in school) the issue was turned into an opportunity, with four creative versions that showed the absurd/possible dangers of summer and how you can avoid them by attending Summer School at Massey.

Despite a challenging market environment, the campaign gained traction and strongly resonated with the audience and influencers garnering positive feedback from members of the secondary school and university communities.

The campaign has exceeded expectations in response rate, the number of leads driven to the landing page and (most importantly) enrolments.There have been 2,800 unique page views of the landing page with a drill down of 2-3 pages per visit. This is a 15% increase in visits from the same period last year.

All online activity to date has delivered click performance of 18,403, which is in excess of the target of 8,000 clicks by 230%.

Since the campaign went live:
• The online display channels have delivered 7,239 clicks at $1.90 cpc
• Adwords delivered 731 clicks at $1.65 cpc
• The Facebook activity delivered 10,433 clicks at $0.38 cpc