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Making DIY Easy As
Industry Gold – Retail, Channel Gold – Direct Response (any media), Craft Winner – Best Strategy
Mitre 10 (NZ) Ltd
Entrant Credits
Fleur Head, Brodie Lawry, Lee Dodds
Nominee Credits
Dave Elliott, Eleanor Downs, Sophie Rose Nicholas
Additional Credits
David Thomason, Peter Vegas, Christiaan van Noppen, Mike Fredricson, Kathryn Allemann, Lance Hipkins, Deb Cope, Ganesh Raj
Entry Rationale

Mitre 10’s “Easy As” is a fully integrated programme that inspires Kiwis to undertake more DIY projects, providing them with information, tools and materials.

Research had shown Mitre 10 that their audience was losing confidence in their DIY ability. This was proving to be a major barrier to even starting a DIY project and therefore buying the necessary tools and equipment. People said that when they don’t know where to start, a DIY project can easily end up in the too-hard basket. But once you know how, it seems easy and you’re more inclined to give it a go.

Mitre 10’s previous brand TVC - ‘Sandpit’ - had been a hit in terms of likeability. It tapped into the Kiwi DIY identity – a compelling strategy for inspiring Kiwis to do more DIY. But how could that inspiration be translated into getting people to do more DIY with Mitre 10 without just dropping prices?

Realising that the gap in the DIY shopping experience between inspiration and action was confidence, Mitre 10 knew it could add value beyond price through a communications platform that gave consumers the confidence to feel like DIY really is in their DNA.

Mitre 10 is not a corporate, run by a head office; it’s an owners’ co-operative. The Mitre 10 marketing team has to answer to more than 100 store owners who are focussed on short-term sales generation, and are, on the whole, resistant to change, so they too needed to be confident that the new strategy would benefit them.

‘Easy As’ - a unique and category-defining content platform that inspired, informed and equipped Kiwis to DIY – fulfilled the brief. This marked a major shift for Mitre 10 and the DIY category from pushing price to providing valuable and inspiring content to pull more people into the DIY process with Mitre 10 turning front-man, Stan, into a trusted advisor.

“Easy As” has delivered not only a substantial sales increase for Mitre 10, but has shifted them from a retailer that just sells stuff to one that gives their customers the unique satisfaction of a DIY project well done.