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Make you Happy
Industry Bronze – Communications/Utilities, Channel Bronze - eCRM Multi-Channel
Genesis Energy
Entrant Credits
Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Nathalie Philippsen
Nominee Credits
Chris Watney, Michael Summers-Gervai
Entry Rationale
The Genesis Energy Winback Programme is a triggered direct response campaign to win back those customers who have switched to a competitor energy supplier. There is only a 4½-day window to contact the customer and win them back before they are officially transferred to the new energy supplier and can no longer be contacted.

Taking a bold stance, Genesis Energy challenged the norm. Instead of reacting to the market via desperate buybacks, they decided to do something about the problem and confront it head on. They reached out to customers to find out what they liked, didn’t like or desired more of from their retailer.

The SMP was ‘Let’s Talk’. These customers had fallen out of love with their energy supplier, they may have never called to officially end the relationship and probably hadn’t been given a chance to talk it through. Genesis Energy wanted to talk to them, make them feel valued and convince them to stay.

Firstly they got smart – identifying the areas and customers who were most under threat. There was no point saturating the market if there wasn’t a need.

Then they got nimble – knowing they couldn’t be at everyone’s door, they designed an approach that would appeal to any one of their customers. Whether they were happy with Genesis Energy or ready to pack their bags, customers received a mobile-optimised email and online experience that allowed them to express their opinions and potentially get rewarded for it.

Then they went tailor made – Not all customers are created equal. To satisfy their needs, Genesis set out to create an online experience that asked for their feedback but also responded to them too. Depending on how they filled out the survey, what experiences they had with the company, what they knew about the helpful tools or not – a summary of responses set out to placate them. It was a tailor-made customer experience that could only be achieved by the online channel.

The result was great customer engagement, with a satisfying level of email readership and completion of the survey. The response was extremely positive, which in turn affected the retention rate in ways Genesis could only imagine!