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Kordia IT Superhero
Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities
Chemistry Interaction
Kordia New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Joseph Silk, Sharon Moynagh, Andrew Mitchell
Nominee Credits
Luke Meurant, Anna Becker, Drew Gilpin
Additional Credits
Isaac Thackray, Guy Johnson, James McCombe
Entry Rationale
The launch of OnKor and Kordia Connect have signaled Kordia’s intent to serve corporate businesses with market-leading communications networks, providing customers with strategically important telecommunications services – not just feeds and speeds.

IT guys are the unsung heroes of the business community, often living in the smallest, darkest corners of the office. But they have superhuman powers when it comes to keeping a business running.

How could Kordia, New Zealand’s only telco dedicated to business, increase their brand recognition amongst this smart, cynical audience – with only a fraction of the marketing budget of their competitors and in an increasingly loud and fragmented media landscape?

The best way to reach IT managers, they decided, is not to talk to them at all. Seems a crazy creative rationale doesn’t it – until you think it through.

IT people are under constant pressure from staff demanding fixes and new implementations – and not particularly receptive to DM. They are also not ones to blow their own bugles. Acknowledgement and appreciation from their workmates would ‘cut through’ much more than any marketing piece could deliver.

The best way to connect with them, then, was to ignore them, instead engaging with their office or business manager and fellow staff members and get these mere mortals to realise they had a superhero in their midst. To bring the strategy to life, a campaign was devised to search for Kordia’s inaugural IT Superhero, with the ultimate winner being rewarded with a trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Center, USA.

The campaign became an IT phenomenon. From a goal of 50, Kordia ended up with 230 entries and over 3,600 nominations. Kordia’s Facebook follower numbers rose from 600 to 3,200, traffic on (corporate site) doubled from a per-month average of 5,500 to more than 10,000, and the campaign secured multiple press mentions.

Unprompted awareness increased from 8% to 27% amongst wider IT teams, which was 35% above target. Consideration to purchase went from 9% to 20%, and in the three months the campaign was live, Kordia recorded its most successful sales months ever.