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Highly Targeted Outdoor Media
Nexus Supreme Award, Nexus Gold – Customer & Market Insight, Nexus Gold – Marketing Products & Services, Nexus Gold – Strategic Vision, Industry Gold – Other – B2B, Nexus Silver - Innovation
iSite Media
Entrant Credits
Rupert Fenton, Mike Porter, Lantana Francis
Additional Credits
Wayne Chapman, Mike Oberdries, Rachael Slocum, Pieta Brown, Darron Jermy, Ben Cochrane, Mark Kelly
Entry Rationale
With outdoor media representing around just 3% of New Zealand advertising expenditure, iSite decided to find out what the biggest barrier to increasing that share was. Surveying media agencies, they discovered that lack of measurement was rated as the main issue with 58% of their customers. In fact, the greater the seniority of staff within the agencies the more important measurement became. A significant 68% of Business Directors and Media Directors rated measurement as the single most important issue facing the Outdoor industry.

Since taking over the national contracts for bus advertising rights in 2009, iSite has doubled bus advertising share of the Outdoor market, but wanted to continue to increase market share and also target the 97% of advertising spend that wasn’t being spent in Outdoor. They knew they needed geo-demographic, socio and spend/demand analytics and a better suite of sales tools to represent bus media advertising to inform and meet customers’ objectives.

In mid-August 2013, preceded by 12 months of pioneering investment in outdoor advertising measurement in NZ, iSite released a comprehensive bus media measurement system – Highly Targeted Outdoor Media.
Geo-spatial experts and data analysts were engaged to examine hundreds of thousands of road journeys, mapping over 22,000 bus routes, from which a proprietary business location database was built. This data has been cross-referenced with census and purchasing data to create a highly targeted approach to measuring the reach and impact of outdoor advertising in NZ.

The outputs help iSite make sophisticated, evidence-based recommendations for targeting the weights and spatial distribution of campaigns to help achieve better response for marketers. Additionally, it enables iSite to better compete against other media and deliver improved use of their media to their clients. The product represents the result of significant innovative thinking, development of bespoke spatial modelling techniques and statistical analysis.

The market reaction has been significant and immediate. A multitude of sales records were smashed in September 2013. Contracted business increased 60% over the same month prior year and their independently-verified market share for bus advertising was the highest month on record - 30% higher than the previous 12-month average.