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Fly Buys Flats Wheel of Misfortune
Channel Bronze – Mobile Marketing
Loyalty New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Craig Mildenhall
Additional Credits
Rachel Arundel, Euan Howden
Entry Rationale
For Fly Buys to maximise the potential lifetime value of their Fly Buys Flats members, engaging with them in a relevant, meaningful way was important. Their love for sharing experiences with other young people and their penchant for instant prizes - and not forgetting to make it offbeat and fun - all had to be capitalised on.

By creating a clever mobile campaign that made flatting easier and offered a chance to win, it was hoped to engage thousands of elusive Fly Buys Flats members, and get well on the way to a significant long-term relationship with them. Improving this audience’s receptiveness to eDMs was another objective as they’re a surefire channel for the main Fly Buys membership, but results were lagging behind a bit for the Flats database.

The Wheel of Misfortune (WOMF) was born; a digital chore wheel for mobile devices. The premise: add your flatmates’ names and the chores that need doing; spin the wheel and the jobs get allocated. To add to the excitement and irreverence that Fly Buys Flats is known for, the optional additional feature was the Flat Slave – activate it and run the risk of one flatmate being allocated all the chores! The WOMF was designed to be a shared experience that could happen anywhere in the house – or at the pub – so mobile was the perfect channel.

To tie it back to Fly Buys, and knowing that this segment loves a chance to win, every Sunday during the promotional period five prizes of 1,000 Fly Buys points were given away to members who had spun the wheel that day.

Through savvy use of a limited budget, the Wheel of Misfortune was nothing short of a hit. Record numbers of users engaged with it, and the eDM unique open and click-through rates blew all objectives out of the water – in fact, they outperformed reported rates at a worldwide, Fly Buys Flats and all Fly Buys level. This proved that when the message and the media are nailed, this is absolutely an audience that’s ready to hear from Fly Buys.