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Fiona Stewart
Direct Marketer of the Year Award
Entry Rationale
Fiona Stewart learned marketing at the coalface, working on big brands with big responsibilities: Pernod Ricard, Lion Breweries, Unilever, Foodstuffs and, more recently, BP Oil.

In every case Fiona has taken the business forward by introducing a strategic vision focused around customer-centricity. Previously, she lead the team at Foodstuffs to reinvent their marketing, from the award-winning Baby Club, to the outstanding data analytics and shopper marketing programmes. Continuing the crusade, she is now reinventing the fuel loyalty market at BP to drive the most impressive results the business has seen.

Fiona moved into BP Fuels just over a year ago. It’s a commodity-based business with a definitive global view of the world and how to market to it. There’s been the global brand, the global strategy, and even a global segmentation. It has run very-well-thank-you in the past and you could just about hear them say to each other “there’s not much we don’t know about marketing fuel”.

Fiona has taken a position – a vision - of how to improve the marketing strategy of one of New Zealand’s biggest businesses, in one of most competitive industries. This vision has been to unwrap the potential of the BP customer base. To have them to fill up the car and shop more in-store through the delivery of effective, relevant, rewarding, recognising and timely communications.

She has championed, fought, managed, cajoled, built and forged a new way to think, to do things, and has delivered extraordinary results as a consequence. She started talking at the forecourt, moved to the departments of marketing, infrastructure, IT, finance, supply and up to the boardrooms in New Zealand and Australia, preaching her vision. She not only talked about it; she’s delivered it in a very short period of time, with a highly engaged and motivated team that has had business-changing results. Her first action saved the company millions – and grew market share!

Not resting there, Fiona has developed a revolutionary Direct Marketing strategy for BP. It has taken the coordination of 220 stores in the BP network, the build of IT and POS capability to deliver the Direct Marketing strategy, as well as the delivery of all market-facing elements.

Fiona is redefining how fuel marketing is done. She is influencing along the way the retail landscape for convenience stores, redefining a global strategy and delivering outstanding returns to her business. She is using all her skills and experience to knock this ball out of the park.

In the past 12 months, Fiona has:
• Reorganised BP’s approach to the AA Smartfuel programme to save the business millions in programme costs – all the while growing market share.
• Delivered marketing campaigns to encourage store spend that have had a 56% uptake on offers.
• Her acquisition strategy delivered 120,000 opted-in customers in a 6-week period, all without TV or radio and only the most tactical point of sale materials.
• Redefined the global segmentation strategy through the introduction of a robust and thorough analytics programme.

Fiona’s taking this company with her. They are redefining their view of knowing who their customers are – and what they want.