Farmlands BIG 50
Farmlands BIG 50
Industry Silver – Retail
Farmlands Co-operative Society
Entrant Credits
Amy Morrison, Ben Goodale, Drew Ayers
Nominee Credits
Jess Strange, Allister Bathgate
Additional Credits
Stuart Hinds, Tom Hewlett
Entry Rationale
Formed in 1962, Farmlands is a rural supplies co-operative operating in the North Island. Their whole ethos as a co-op is around delivering value to their 28,000 shareholders (and customers) through reducing the cost of farming expenses. Their 48 branches throughout the North Island stock a range of supplies from 40kg Tux dog food bags and Red Band gumboots, to drench and animal health chemicals.

Since you only turn 50 once, Farmlands wanted the birthday celebrations to touch all shareholders and involve staff and key suppliers, whose support had been critical in their success.

The campaign, designed to create a sense of hype and excitement, went back to Farmlands’ roots and the reason for the co-op’s inception in the first place.

It was decided that a special in-branch retail promotion would deliver on many levels:
• Connect with the initial co-op purpose – of lowering the cost of farming inputs
• Create a sense of excitement at a branch level – the front line staff who are the face of Farmlands
• Connect with key suppliers who are significant partners in Farmlands’ ability to deliver on the co-operative ethos
• Could be run over a long enough period of time to really deliver value to shareholders (everyone could benefit) and create a sense of hype leading up to the actual birthday in December.

The Farmlands BIG 50 promotion (50 days of savings to celebrate 50 years) had it all – great deals, instant-win prizes and a real sense of excitement and celebration. This also presented a challenge, creatively and logistically, in making it simple enough for shareholders to understand and staff to explain and promote.

A persistent communications strategy was employed to regularly engage shareholders throughout the promotional period, and a simple but motivating prize draw mechanic developed to encourage in-store shopping.

Phenomenal engagement was achieved through the Big 50 promotion, with a 45% redemption rate of prizes, over 5,000 lapsed shareholders reactivated and sales growth targets out-performed by 300%. It’s a great example of a retail promotion that, through an innovative mechanic and smart contact strategy, delivered excellent results.