Farmers Club – Insight Driving Loyalty
Farmers Club – Insight Driving Loyalty
Channel Silver – Best Loyalty Programme
Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Amy Morrison, Ben Goodale, Georgie Butler
Nominee Credits
Dean Cook, Toby Hilless, Deb Summers
Additional Credits
Jess Hall, Rachel Yee, Rahul Abhyankar, Josh Graham
Entry Rationale
As New Zealand’s foremost department store, Farmers operates 55 stores offering women's, men's and children's clothing, footwear, health & beauty products, homeware, appliances and furniture.

The Farmers Club loyalty programme was launched in August 2011. Members are rewarded with a $20 voucher for every 200 points they earn. They also qualify for exclusive discounts in-store and gift- with-purchase offers from time to time.

Strong retail ideas hinge on fundamentally simple ideas to capture the imagination of the shopper. It doesn’t get a lot simpler than ‘SALE’ or ‘Big % off!’. But Farmers had to be a bit cleverer than that. Farmers Club provided a platform to be much richer in their communication.

Creatively, Farmers Club was about thanking the customers, giving them added value and extra specials, with a thematic of ‘more to love’ at Farmers combined with the unique font and love heart designs created at launch. Visually, these were woven through much of the work, inter-mixed with more seasonal, retail messages.

This ‘campaign’ was the ongoing execution of a clear strategy, maximising every contact with the customer to reflect and reinforce the value of the loyalty programme to drive Farmers sales – and very much about turning the insight gleaned from extensive data analysis into effective, relevant campaigns that motivated shoppers.

With the programme 18 months old, some measurable objectives for the loyalty programme were set:
• Increase the proportion of members shopping storewide
• Achieve ongoing new member sign up rates
• Maintain active rates (shopped in the last month) of members
• Achieve average loyalty card swipe rates, benchmarked against local and international programmes
• Achieve reward earn rates, again benchmarked against other loyalty programmes

Farmers Club has really come of age. It is now contributing massively to Farmers not just as a targeting channel but as a tool to deliver insights to the wider business and inform buying decisions. 2013 was a successful year with all objectives met, and what’s more, a platform for future growth built through data insights and testing.