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Emirates '33 Destinations'
Channel Silver – Direct Response (any media), Industry Bronze – Travel Leisure
Entrant Credits
Sharon Henderson, Liz Adams, Ben Chandler
Nominee Credits
Chris Lethbridge
Additional Credits
Duncan Wilson
Entry Rationale
Emirates opened its New Zealand operation only 10 years ago. For Emirates all around the world, Europe is a key region. For kiwis, who typically like to book and pay for their Northern Hemisphere summer holidays as early as six months in advance, the season for selling Europe airfares and packages begins in October. As a long haul destination, the Europe product is the most valuable in $$$ terms for most travel retailers and airlines, including Emirates.

Emirates offers an outstanding European product and service, offering:
• Daily flights to 33 top European city destinations
• Flexibility to fly into one European city and out from another, while other airlines rely
on code sharing
• Superb inflight experience and benefits

Emirates broke with the category convention of ‘shouty’ retail price campaigns. Instead, a media mix and messaging strategy was used that broke the rules of retail, setting it apart from everyone else.

The campaign ‘oozed’ the ambiance of Europe, making it the next best thing to ‘being there’ with lush, rich images of the audience’s much-anticipated travel experiences. The clear and simple proposition of ‘33 European destinations’ made Emirates the easiest way to get to Europe. With little to no TV production budget, but a premium brand to bring to life, an all-new, high impact retail response TVC was created for Emirates in New Zealand.

Two highly engaging 15-second ‘Word Cloud’ spots featured a swirling mass of animated 3D letters which formed iconic European images such as a Vespa, a Venetian gondola - all icons from Emirates’ 33 European destinations and product differentiators.

Parochial kiwi travellers, entrenched with our national carrier, were convinced to completely reconsider their airline preference and instead buy tickets to Europe with Emirates.

All this was done during the most bloodthirsty selling season for airlines and travel retailers – the Europe season, which meant the market was crowded with price fighter offers and deals.

The results were huge – taking Emirates by surprise both here in New Zealand and at their global head office. This campaign has since been showcased around the globe by Emirates as a new benchmark and template for best-in-class product marketing.