Choice Rewards from Laminex New Zealand
Choice Rewards from Laminex New Zealand
Industry Bronze – Other B2B
Laminex New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Amanda Politzer, Jared Dinneen, Julie Sinclair
Additional Credits
Mat Savory, Ben Ray
Entry Rationale
Choice Rewards is a new loyalty programme developed exclusively for Laminex New Zealand’s trade customers who earn points redeemable on a wide variety of premium merchandise. The online catalogue includes hardware, kitchenware, technology, sports equipment, home-ware, travel, experiences and more. The bespoke programme makes it easy for the customer to see their real-time points balance, as well as being a highly effective tool for Laminex New Zealand to nurture its valuable customer relationships.

Moving to a loyalty programme represented a huge change both for Laminex’s staff and customer base, presenting challenges around managing this transition and generating positivity and buy-in from these audiences. They had only five months to build the Choice Rewards programme from scratch and launch it to market by the beginning of the new financial year.

Staff were involved from the outset in the ideation process through an internal eDM, and the sales team also received in-depth one-to-one training on how to communicate the benefits of the programme to customers and encourage sign-ups.

A strategic and integrated marketing approach was undertaken to launch Choice Rewards, from the creation of the brand identity through to the use of engaging DM, all tailored to demonstrate Laminex’s market leadership position and to appeal to a unique audience.

This best-in-class rewards programme has revolutionised how Laminex New Zealand incentivises and engages their customers, replacing an outdated partnership programme (rebates and annual conference), which only rewarded around 15% of their customers and failed to achieve growth.

Choice Rewards offers an inclusive programme, with sales growth and simplification of the partnership programme being the primary objectives. Since launch, the number of customers receiving an incentive has dramatically increased and they are showing significantly improved purchasing behaviour. Choice Rewards has created a single platform to better manage sales promotions, which were previously run on an ad-hoc basis. Since launch there has been a remarkably positive uplift in the quality and effectiveness of the database, allowing truly effective eDM campaigns to be deployed.

At the heart of Choice Rewards is a customer-centric programme that has re-ignited an exciting and
on-going conversation with valued customers.