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Yellow Toolbox
Channel - Email Marketing Gold, Craft - Best Strategy Winner, Industry - Other B2B Silver, Channel - Direct Mail B2B Bronze
Rapp Tribal DDB
Entrant Credits
David Wilson, David Reid and Aaron Goldring
Nominee Credits
Maja Lee, Varsha Singh and Kellie Nathan
Entry Rationale
For Yellow, having new digital solutions was one thing but a 25% sales growth of digital solutions and $7 million in total digital revenue needed to be generated. Not easy for a brand known for its print product and not even thought of in a digital sense.

It was important to give these solutions a sense of strength and clout in their own right - and ‘Yellow digital solutions’ didn’t exactly carry mana.  ‘Yellow Toolbox’ made more sense,  conveying familiarity and usefulness to customers.

In its print guise Yellow is the one and only, with customers ranging from Fonterra to the local bakery. But digitally they had to focus on where they would get the most bites - SMEs, many of whom were deemed to be “digital dabblers”. Yellow wanted to be the trusted name, providing the switch-on solutions needed by these “dabblers” without causing major interruptions to their own critical sales process.

But the last thing they needed to do was push out messages and tell SMEs what to think. Creating an experience that felt as if fellow SMEs were testing the digital waters for everyone provided the catalyst to engagement with “Yellow Toolbox”.

This campaign uses the real-time abilities of digital to pique the interest of the audience. Bespoke measuring devices were created for each of 12 widely differing business that fed live data through to an online ‘Success Dashboard’ at Every time Frolic Cafe made a coffee, they hit a button on the counter, and more coffee was ground online. When someone tried on a dress at Encore Fashion Boutique, the sensor triggered the website to update too.

The campaign was more than a marketing success; it helped Yellow® reframe their business offering from the inside out and achieve the influx of revenue needed to set Yellow® on a new path, creating an ROI of 9:1.