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Win A Trip to Space
Industry - Communications/Utilities Bronze
Vodafone New Zealand
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Adam Taylor and Antony Bell
Additional Credits
Fleur Head, Katie Loverich, Kevin Akers, Born Digital, Kevin Akers, Fleur Head, Katie Loverich and Rebecca Simpson
Entry Rationale
In May 2012, Samsung released their new Samsung Galaxy SIII to the NZ market.This was a highly desired, high-end phone and represented a great opportunity for all telcos.

Vodafone, 2degrees and Telecom would all have the same phone, at the same time, probably at the same price. And they would all promote it aggressively.

Smartphone users do more and pay more so in the telecommunications war, this was not a battle Vodafone could afford to lose.

Knowing the launch would be much hyped, something that would stop people in their tracks and get them talking was essential. Based on the premise that the most futuristic phone deserved the most futuristic idea, what could be more futuristic than a trip to space? This promotional idea seamlessly tied to the product and the promise of the technology.

An interactive bus shelter decked out with motion sensing technology meant people were able to turn themselves into an astronaut. The customised software detected the person’s face and put it inside an astronaut’s helmet. When the user moved their hands, arms or legs, their astronaut-self did the same on-screen.  Similarly, a digital banner invited people to use their web-cam to replicate this experience.  Outer space was brought to New Zealand and gave New Zealanders a unique and engaging experience. It helped them imagine themselves into space, thus making the promotion that much more appealing.

The interactive bus shelter engaged with people 6,539 times. People were witness dancing, moon-walking, and one even performed a haka!