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Westpac Chopper Appeal
Industry - Not-for-Profit Bronze
Entrant Credits
Craig Whitehead, Victoria Graves and Mark Easterbrook
Nominee Credits
Martine Jager, Michael Healy and Bec Reynolds
Additional Credits
Suzie Marsden, Bec Williams, Paul Hankinson, Nic Hall, Tom Cunliffe, Zac Lancaster, Vicki O'Leary, Therese Bielawa, James Bryant, Amanda Sasano, Tracey Powell, Scott Nadin, Jon Tricklebank, Chrissy Powlesland
Entry Rationale
Westpac promotes, manages and funds the national Westpac Chopper Appeal, aiming to raise $1 million every year to help keep rescue helicopter services flying.

In 2012 times were tough, and with over 20,000 registered charities there was a lot of competition for the charitable dollar. People were also feeling a little ‘donored out’ given their generosity to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the lack of tangible results seen as a result of their donation. There were also questions being raised about third party collectors who took 75-90% of people’s donations just to pay their collection fees (something we definitely did not want to rub off onto the Chopper Appeal, as Westpac delivers 100% of donations straight to the Rescue Helicopter Trusts). To top that off, a Chopper Appeal event that raised $357,885(22% of 2011’s donations) was not going to be run this year – and the Chopper budget was the lowest in four years – down 27% on 2011.

Despite these challenges, a record Chopper Appeal was achieved, raising $1,672,085 (67% over target) and increased direct response from some channels by up to 283%, achieving an ROI of $3.65 for every dollar spent - an increase of 39% year-on-year.