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The Easy As Guide to a Distinctive DIY Experience
Channel - Direct Response TV & Radio Bronze
Mitre 10 Group (NZ)
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Murray Watt, Fleur Head, Lee Dodds, Kat Price, Mike Fredricson, Monique Hawkins
Nominee Credits
Dave Elliott, Eleanor Downs and Sophie-Rose Nicholas
Additional Credits
Lee Dodds, Kat Price, James Mok, Monique Hawkins, David Thomason, Brodie Lawry, Lance Hipkins, Mike Fredricson and Kevin Denholm
Entry Rationale
In a category dominated by product and price advertising with little differentiation between retailers, a bold stand-apart move was needed.

Knowing DIY skills were diminishing in NZ, the opportunity to differentiate and grow the market was seized.

“Mitre 10 Easy As” is a fully-integrated programme that inspires DIY, teaches DIY and equips kiwis to do more DIY.

From the outset, this was to be an investment for a long-term shift in brand value. However, due to the cooperative structure of the Mitre 10 stores network, it was crucial to have an immediate impact on sales for the individual store owners, so that they would continue to support this national campaign.

The following objectives were set:

  • Increase total store sales by 3%.
  • Prove to store owners that advertising a distinctive DIY experience can achieve a 10% sales increase for featured products without discounting prices.

This was a first-to-market innovative ‘how to’ communications platform which cemented Mitre 10’s leadership position, making it hard for competitors to follow.

‘Easy As’ has delivered massive sales uplifts for Mitre 10 – significantly evident in increased sales for the products featured in the Easy As videos. This has contributed to a marked increase in overall store sales YOY. After just 10 weeks an on-going commitment was received from store owners to support the national ‘Easy As’ campaign with staff training and space in-store for the Easy As stand.

The ’Easy As’ campaign has shifted Mitre 10 from a company that just sells stuff, to one that not only inspires customers to give DIY a go but informs them about how to go about it. Ultimately providing them with the satisfaction of completing DIY projects.