TAB Induction/Activation Programme
TAB Induction/Activation Programme
Channel - Email Marketing Bronze
Skinny Marketing
New Zealand Racing Board
Entrant Credits
Kevin Broome and Andrew Kay
Nominee Credits
Amanda Partington
Entry Rationale
Approximately 24 months ago, the TAB were carrying out a weekly email marketing campaign on a “load and blast” basis, delivering one promotional message and emailing it out to their entire customer account base, with little segmentation strategy applied. The need was recognised to develop an ongoing email marketing strategy that would be more relevant and timely and achieve the overarching objective of lifting engagement rates across a number of channel-related metrics, including: open rates, click through rates and conversions. At the time, open rates were averaging around 20-25%, CTR’s and conversions not being measured.

Following a new digital agency appointment, a new email marketing strategy was developed with a road map of gradual implementation. Included in the strategy was the need to develop a replacement customer induction programme, which was implemented as part of an account activation on-boarding strategy. TAB’s original email strategy included a Welcome Programme consisting of 3 emails advising customers of their account information and reminding them to verify their ID at a TAB store.

This was replaced with a five part email on-boarding series, aimed at achieving the following objectives:

1     Welcome new customers and confirm their successful account set-up.
2     Cross-sell additional email products – offer the customer the option to opt-in to “At the Track” (racing-centric) and “Sports Book” (sports related events).
3     14 Day Reminder to place a bet/deposit and also remind them to carry out ID verification process.
4     This email focuses solely on a reminder to become ID verified.
5     Complete your ID or your account will be closed.

There are two versions of the induction programme, one targeting Sports Betting enthusiasts and the other is designed to target Horse Racing Betting enthusiasts.