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SUBCARD: Providing the Retail Edge
Grand Prix Winner, Industry - Retail Gold
Subway Restaurants
Entrant Credits
Monique Ferguson, Lou Kivell and Allie Hogan
Nominee Credits
Joanne Reynolds and Michelle Johnson
Entry Rationale
SUBCARD is the power-house behind SUBWAY restaurants in New Zealand.

It is a loyalty programme that delivers cost-effective and engaging communications direct to customers via eDM, receipt, SMS and mobile messaging. All of these channels enable SUBCARD to react quickly to market conditions, or at point of purchase, to encourage repeat visitation sooner.
Available as a traditional card or on mobile, SUBCARD delivers value back to SUBWAY franchisees by increasing customer spend and frequency. It also works as a sales promotion system, a customer research tool and a gift card system – all vital tools for the retail market.

Since its inception in 2006, the SUBCARD loyalty programme has continuously driven retail success for SUBWAY restaurants. But it can never rest on its laurels.
As SUBCARD ages, (now in its seventh year), it needs to keep things interesting, not just for customers, but for its stakeholders too. Taking advantage of the latest technologies and implementing new marketing tactics is how SUBCARD goes about achieving its ultimate goal – which is delivering increased value back to SUBWAY franchisees.

With this in mind, the key objectives entering into the FY11/12 period were to:

  • drive sales from existing and new channels – increase sales of the registered base to at least 3x unregistered; make the smartphone App SUBWAY’s biggest store
  • increase customer engagement – increase registered user base by at least 20% and ensure email open rates remain over 30% (higher than industry average of 25%)
  • develop new technology to improve the customer experience.

As a result of deploying a variety of marketing tactics, SUBCARD has had its most successful year yet. Its registered customer base has increased by more than 80,000 and, best of all, registered cardholders are now worth 5x more than non-registered.