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Spreading the World About Lymphoma
Industry - Not-for-Proft Gold, Channel - Social Media & Viral Silver
Leaukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Edward Bell, Ryan Macpherson and Morgan O'Reilly
Nominee Credits
Pru Etcheverry and Georgie Hackett
Additional Credits
Craig Whitehead, Jarad O'Hara, Phillip Sue, Anitesh Govind, Ivan Atkins, Alexandra Speedy, Bill Rundle, Sarah Rutherford, Tracy Powell, James Bryant, Therese Bielawa, Abby Venter, Carolyn Kerr, Therese Bielawa, Tracy Powell
Entry Rationale
With just one tweet

Of the more than 200 types of cancer, some, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, are well known to most New Zealanders. Lymphoma, the most common blood cancer in New Zealand, on the other hand, is not. Since many patients do not realise the signs and symptoms of the cancer until it is too late, World Lymphoma Awareness Day provided the opportunity to create conversation and help build awareness of this disease.  

The two objectives were:

  • Raise awareness of lymphoma, especially with 15-24 year olds as it is the most common cancer in this age group  
  • Increase engagement so people looked to investigate the signs and symptoms of lymphoma which, being similar to the flu, are commonly dismissed

Achieving these things could quite literally save lives.

The campaign centred on a video housed on YouTube. The content led in with comedy from 20 Kiwi celebrities before segueing into an informational section where Hilary Barry and Jeremy Corbett explained what lymphoma is and stressed the importance of spreading the word.

Launched with one tweet, the campaign quickly became the #1 trending topic on Twitter, outshining the iPhone 5 on the day it was announced. It was tweeted 250 times with a reach in the millions. The organic audience grew exponentially, with over 3,500 shares on Facebook alone. Far exceeding the targeted 500% increase, there was a 2,230% increase in traffic to the LBC website over the campaign period, with average daily visits leaping from 115 to 2,256 – a total of 7,700 visits in three days which is exceptional for a charitable campaign. Additionally over the campaign period there were 977 new ‘Likes’ when there had previously only been approximately 4,000 in total, and a 934% increase in Google searches for lymphoma.

Mainstream media (including TVNZ) picked up the conversation, resulting in over $65,000 worth of free media and reaching over 2 million New Zealanders.

The budget of just over $12,000 engaged with tens of thousands, reached millions, got a tough message talked about, and helped raise vital awareness about lymphoma.