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Foxtrot Media
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery and Karsten Sperling
Entry Rationale
Ask a marketer what keeps them up at night and you’ll often hear them say the effectiveness of their TV media. For many marketers it is the single biggest media expenditure they have and even when it is working it needs support from other channels to ensure it drives sales. And this leads to another challenge: integrating TV Media and digital channels to move people from sit back awareness to lean forward purchase consideration.

pluk™ was developed to assist marketers to overcome these big issues. Helping to make TV more effective, bridging the gap between TV and digital, engaging consumers and moving them down the path to purchase. And it is even opening up new opportunities for marketers by providing couch commerce (i.e. immediate purchase on a mobile device) opportunities.

For a consumer, pluk™ is a simple smartphone app that allows them to react or interact with broadcast content while watching TV. For marketers, pluk™ is a sophisticated platform that provides a complete end-to-end solution to connecting any broadcast content with any digital content they want to deliver to users.

And with its blend of app and browser technology, pluk™ gives marketers the opportunity to turn something as fleeting as a 30-second TV spot into an innovative, new and engaging experience, right there on the couch.

To date there are over 53,000 registered users (and growing), who have “pluked” campaigns from over a dozen advertisers such as Holden, InsureMe, Subway, Roadshow Entertainment, State Insurance, Mazda, Dulux, Vodafone, One Cover, Wild Bean Cafe, MTA, NZ Beef and Lamb, Plumbing World, Sony Entertainment, Bunnings, and Kiwibank, close to 70,000 times.

pluk™ post-campaign analysis reports allow the client to track consumer engagement throughout the second screen journey, including the initial engagements, interactions (click
throughs) and every level of interactivity created by a campaign, be it sending them to a website, downloading an app, signing up for an e-newsletter or redeeming a voucher/coupon in-store.

An average conversion (click through rate) of 38% has been achieved across all campaigns to date with some campaigns getting conversion rates in excess of 60%.