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PAK'nSave - 'Meat the Meat of Your Dreams'
Craft - Best Creative Runner-up
Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entry Rationale
PAK’n’SAVE’s low prices are a hit with Kiwis and so is their low-priced, simple advertising style. But when every competitor in the industry is constantly banging on about their low prices, new ways to cut through were required. Especially in the butchery department, where discounted meat is a regular feature.

A week-long meat sale, branded “Meat Lovers’ Week” was launched, followed by a campaign where you could “Meet the Meat of Your Dreams…for Less”.

Interestingly, price was not used to shift bits of meat; instead they were given enough personality to sell themselves. From the ’distinguished gent’ Scottie Fillet to the ‘larger than life’ Patty Burger, these inanimate objects came alive and were given character far beyond their meaty exteriors.

The nation responded to these lonely but loveable meats and rang in their thousands to talk to the meat live! Over 10,000 people called the lonely meats, which was more than enough for each meat to have a first date.