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New World Wine Sale Programme
Industry - Retail Bronze
Loyalty New Zealand
Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Claire Stradling and Adrian Rasmussen
Nominee Credits
Sarah Austin, Roy Scoon and Chris Bassett
Entry Rationale
Here’s a rare gem, an eDM campaign involving a remarkably complex set of data analysis and data matching driven by strategic use of customer insights to; optimise marketing performance, drive loyalty and increase spending in the wine category at New World supermarkets during Wine Sale periods.   Strong objectives in a very competitive industry.

Fly Buys members who purchased wine at New World within 12 months and the preceding 13 weeks (thereby ensuring consistent buying patterns) were targeted.

This campaign is brave in demonstrating strategic flexibility. Previous deployments of the eDM using a spending objective with targeting to match had been unsuccessful. Actually taking a test-and-learn approach, instead of admitting defeat, meant changing strategy and targeting methodology part way through the campaign. The results of the change were quite remarkable and cumulative. With each subsequent eDM, the number of units sold increased and the amount of money each targeted customer spent in-store, in a competitive and sluggish retail market, outperformed all targets.

eDM open rates for this campaign blew average (and industry) open rates out of the water. A rare thing had been created: an eDM people want to read and an eDM that actually works.