Jo Reynolds
Jo Reynolds
Direct Marketer of the Year Award
Ben Goodale
Entry Rationale
Jo Reynolds is the best kind of marketer. Not just smart, but brave too. She has demonstrated excellence in the NZ market, and is also seen as ‘top of class’ internationally. What has driven this success is her commitment to innovation.

Jo saw how the proliferation of loyalty programmes was beginning to impact on shopper engagement as well as overload wallets with cards.  She knew that to keep SUBCARD ahead of the rest it was vital to innovate, and stay relevant to the way customers wanted to interact with the brand. It was this vision that led her to take the SUBCARD loyalty programme and SUBWAY EXPRESS ordering system and combine them as one ‘super store’ for the mobile platform.

This was no easy task. Before development could begin SUBWAY NZ needed international approval and the US said no to the idea twice. But Jo kept fighting, because she saw how this type of development could catapult SUBWAY NZ into a strong technology leadership position over its competitors. She continued to strengthen the business case for the project and won the support of NZ franchisees, and subsequently won the battle with the US.

This required support and investment from franchisees and was a key achievement – particularly as there was no one else in the market at the time using the technology and, for the new mobile platform to work nationwide, every store (240) had to invest in new scanners that enabled the reading of the QR code functionality.

By being the first loyalty App to market in New Zealand (in fact still the only one!), SUBWAY received national press coverage in the NZ Herald and National Business Review. New Zealand has approximately 800,000 smartphone users in the market; 130,000 of these have now downloaded the App (16%). As a result, the activated base has increased by 15%.

Following on from the success of the SUBCARD loyalty app in NZ, Jo has become a valued member of the SUBWAY international team – leading on both innovation and loyalty. The US and UK teams frequently look to her for leadership. What’s more, her role at SUBWAY has expanded to cover the Asia Pacific region (NZ, Australia, India, China and South East Asia).

Locally, Jo still needs to effectively manage stakeholder buy-in, and continues to educate the organisation to maintain the support of her programmes. This is an extremely complicated process as local board members are always changing as new franchisees come on board. But Jo somehow manages to simplify requirements and ensure new marketing strategies are always brought to life.

And then there is what Jo gives back to the industry. Here is what Matt Scott, Direct Marketing Network Chair, has to say: “Jo reflects all the skills of the modern direct marketer and we are lucky to have someone of her calibre on the Direct Marketing Network Committee. Jo's international experience, thought leadership and passion for modern direct marketing are all reflected in her success in her role at Subway, and are why she is in such demand as a speaker at industry events.”

Last year, Jo accepted the role of Director of Marketing and Technology with IPCA - a SUBWAY Franchisee-owned purchasing company covering the APAC region, where she works at a global level to bring together her expertise in direct marketing with the latest innovations for the SUBWAY business.