If the Shoe Fits - Supercharging New Season ROI
If the Shoe Fits - Supercharging New Season ROI
Industry - Retail Gold, Craft - Best Data Strategy Winner
Ziera Shoes
Entrant Credits
Kirsten Hyde and Nicky Dunn
Nominee Credits
Lou Kivell, Virginia Bashford and Ben Goodale
Additional Credits
Sally Carey, Drew Ayers, Mari Pettersson and Justin Biddle
Entry Rationale
Ziera is a kiwi business facing market challenges as a shoe manufacturer and retailer.  The imperative: spend less but sell more.  This required a fundamental change in the way customers were engaged, moving from a ‘one size fits all’ catalogue mailing to the entire customer club to a tightly targeted and more relevant messaging approach.  And to do so, Business Insights (BI) were needed.  To deliver this, two powerful sets of analysis - a Best Ever Value Segmentation and a Psychographic overlay - were combined to create a multi-dimensional platform of actionable insights.

The platform was then used to form the basis of targeting and messaging for the 2012 winter season. The resulting targeted campaign with 19 messaging splits and four incentive types worked its socks off – ROI for the winter 2012 season campaign increased by 341% (NZ) and 520% (Australia).  

The NEW multi dimensional platform enables broad customer trends and the overall impact of marketing endeavours to be seen, as well as being actionable at an individual level.  It is not a fancy piece of analytics that will be used once and filed for reference – it forms the basis of Ziera’s strategic customer engagement platform for the long term.