Home Loan Retention and Cross Sell Campaign
Home Loan Retention and Cross Sell Campaign
Nexus - Customer & Market Insight Bronze
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Justine Fairlie, Kirsten Dickson and Andrea MacDonald
Entry Rationale
The home loan market has become increasingly competitive and is a strategic product category for banks, driving market share.  

Whilst the competition in the home loan market is driven primarily by price discounting, through timeliness and clever target marketing fantastic results (213% of target) have been achieved for home loan sales without having to discount or offer any further enticements.  

By proving that only a small number of customers are in the home loan buying cycle at a given point in time, the implementation of an ongoing weekly campaign targeting small volumes of customers was approved. Challenges were overcome in traditional systems and processes which support one-off, mass market campaign activity rather than ongoing timely, customer triggered activity. New automated processes around data extraction were developed enabling more effective customer communication.  

Mining millions of credit card transactions helped identify the target audience and key purchasing patterns. Combining this information with third party data, a single customer view was able to be created that led to a greater understanding of the whole relationship customers have with the bank.  This enabled relevant offers to be presented at exactly the right time.