From Party to Legend in 12 Months
From Party to Legend in 12 Months
Industry - Financial Services Bronze
Farmlands Trading Society
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Morrison and Tom Hewlett
Nominee Credits
Jess Strange, Allister Bathgate and Gavin Foulsham
Additional Credits
Drew Ayers and Stu Hinds
Entry Rationale
Credit card marketing campaigns generally come across as fairly selfish spend-and-win promotions, where individual cardholders win holidays, cars or other prizes. These had worked to a fair degree in the past for Farmlands Card but in order to achieve the ambitious spend growth targets set, a smarter idea that would engage Shareholders and staff alike was needed.
The Party of the Year campaign ran in 2011 and was a huge hit, pitting town against town to win an all-expenses paid party for the whole town. The challenge for 2012 was to build on that success in a new and fresh way. It was therefore transformed from a tactical sales promotion into a 'perennial' iconic campaign, with a refreshed contact strategy to maximise Shareholder and staff engagement.  
In 2012 an already impressive result from the previous year was improved on, increasing sales YOY by 5.5%, and achieved what many marketers dream of: a long-term marketing property that Farmlands can run for years to come.