Farmlands and Ballance - A Better Combination
Farmlands and Ballance - A Better Combination
Industry - Retail Silver
Farmlands Trading Society
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Morrison and Tom Hewlett
Nominee Credits
Jess Strange and Allister Bathgate
Additional Credits
Drew Ayers and Stu Hinds
Entry Rationale
Fertiliser is not exactly the sexiest product to market. The basic fertiliser products are not particularly differentiated between competitors so in many cases it is the established relationship the farmer has with the company/rep that determines who they purchase their fertiliser from.

In August 2012, Farmlands and Ballance partnered on a switching campaign to get Farmlands Shareholders to start buying Ballance fertiliser on their Farmlands account. The target audience were essentially rejectors, with most ordering their fertiliser through Ballance’s main competitor Ravensdown. In order for them to purchase Ballance fertiliser, they were required to also become a Ballance Shareholder, which made the degree of difficulty to switch fairly high. The switching campaign was going to need to be engaging enough to eventually overcome this obstacle.

Through an integrated campaign,  previous rejectors were converted to Ballance Shareholders, achieved incremental fertiliser sales with many more in the pipeline, and a campaign ROI of $17:$1.