Farmers Club - Unleashing Loyalty
Farmers Club - Unleashing Loyalty
Industry - Retail Silver, Channel - Best Loyalty Programme Silver
Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Morrison and Abbi Hopkinson
Nominee Credits
Grant Febery, Deb Summers and Jess Hall
Additional Credits
Drew Ayers, Stu Hinds and Dean Cook
Entry Rationale
On the face of it, the first 12 months for Farmers Club have been a massive success – 1.2 million members, average sale value almost double that of non-members, record-breaking sales events etc.

But for the  largest department store in NZ, launching the all-store loyalty programme was a leap into the unknown and customers’ appetite for the programme has forced the business to re-think its traditional tried-and-true marketing strategy.

Core to the success has been the pragmatic approach with which Farmers tackled the first year of the programme’s existence. The focus on consistent and stable sign-up rates, awareness of the valuable ex-Beauty Club members and ensuring they still feel the love, developing strong sales-driving properties and identifying cost-effective communication channels have delivered a solid foundation on which to build in the coming years.

12 months is not a long time to bed in a loyalty programme but within that period the achievement has been:

  • 1 million members 9 months after launch
  • Marketing properties that drive sales ROI of up to $21:$1
  • Over 850,000 unique members shopping in the last 3 months
  • Over 85% of total sales being made to Farmers Club members