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The Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year Award
Entry Rationale
Starting out in 1978 from a small shop in Palmerston North, one of New Zealand’s first mail order businesses – EziBuy – has grown into a hugely successful, progressive and robust Australasian DM business with a focus on providing quality and affordable fashionwear for women.

From those early roots, EziBuy is now a true omni-channel retailer/etailer. Customers purchase via their choice of contact centre, catalogue, website, retail store, ipad, tablet or mobile device, all of which offer the same seamless customer experience. The product focus is primarily women’s fashion and home décor but also includes a contemporary range of menswear and children’s clothing.

Now the country’s largest DM business, EziBuy is also Australasia’s largest women’s online fashion business. Sales revenue exceeds $250m, there are 700+ staff (with one of the highest staff loyalty/retention rates in Australasia), a database of over 600,000 active customers and a year-on-year retention rate of 70%!

Strategic, data-driven insights and understanding consumer behaviour based on continuous analysis and 24/7 data mining of customer buying patterns set the platform for a programme of constant testing, frequent trialling of new ideas and a restless obsession with measurement. This is the science that drives EziBuy’s unique, highly systematic process around data management, data analytics and data measurement, enabling the creation of tailored catalogues, targeted inserts, personalised pricing, customised offers, innovation and an engaging website. The outcome is achievement of retention objectives, lower cost-per-sale statistics and maximum lifetime value for a family of valued customers.

 “We know our customer, we know the channel she shops through, what she buys, how much she spends, what she returns, how long she’s been with us, where she lives.  We know so much about her that we can successfully tailor different offers to meet her exact needs,” says Edwina Neilson, General Manager Marketing.

To this day EziBuy continues to innovate. Their ground-breaking new partnership agreement with UK label Next (signed mid-2012) led to the establishment of a Hong Kong office and the capability to become a truly global player.