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Donation Glasses
Nexus - Media and/or Channel Utilisation Gold, Nexus - Innovation Gold, Industry - Not-for-Profit Silver, Craft - Most Innovative Runner-up,
Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand
Mars New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Levi Slavin and Jae Morrison
Additional Credits
Scott Coldham, Dave Munn, Kate Slavin, Jen Storey, Pete Simmons, Oliver Downs, Aurelia Moly, Phil Liefting, Nic Finlayson, Rob Galluzzo, Franklin Road Emad, Tahtouh Digital Sparks Music - Title: Lullable (Donnelly) Performed by: SJD
Entry Rationale
3D goes to the dogs

The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is an initiative set up by PEDIGREE that enables them to amplify their brand belief – to make the world a better place for dogs. It facilitates donations to dog shelters, with the ultimate goal of finding homes for shelter dogs.

While the number of abandoned dogs hadn’t dropped, unfortunately public interest in the cause had. In a climate where CSR initiatives are rife and all competing for a reducing share of wallet, a new way to connect was clearly needed.

This project was designed to remind all people how important donations are to the cause, and to show how their support (no matter how insignificant) could save the life of an abandoned dog, but it needed to be demonstrated in a memorable and fresh way.

By adapting the way 3D glasses work, a world-first cinema experience was created, enabling two entirely different films to be projected on the same screen at the same time.

Utilising this ground-breaking technology, two beautifully shot parallel stories were created; one of a mistreated dog who gets rescued, re-nourished through the shelter process and then re-homed. The other, of the same mistreated dog that tragically never gets found. Strategically, Donation Glasses was partnered with the NZ launch of The Avengers 3D, the largest grossing 3D movie of all time.

Before the movie, cinemagoers were faced with a choice – donate and receive a yellow pair of donation glasses, or pay nothing and receive a free red pair. That choice decided the fate of the dog on screen.

By linking apathy or generosity with an immediate outcome, for the first time ever consumers were able to see the difference a donation makes, live.

This remarkable cinema experience got the nation talking.

In one week alone, the dual 3D execution had been profiled in news environments, over 80% of public donations made in all of 2011 were achieved and the entire 2011 donation figure was exceeded in the first month.

Based on the national and international media attention this campaign received, MARS have chosen to run the cinema experience in North America for their PEDIGREE Adoption Drive.