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Bonus Bonds Brand Re-Launch - 'Conga'
Industry - Financial Services Silver
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Tony Clewett and Fleur Head
Nominee Credits
Glenn Stevenson, Matt Pickering and Darryn Gordon
Additional Credits
Paul Irwin, Scott Kelly, Leisa Wall, Olivia Prentice, Dominic Henshall, Sarah Meikle, Esther Watkins, Nick Smith, Kevin Akers, Angela Spain, Kim Kastelan, Robin Walters and Andy Mauger
Entry Rationale
Despite an economic environment that the nation had never seen before, a target was set of growing Funds Under Management (FUM) for Bonus Bonds by $20.4 million in the first five months following launch.   

The GFC, a depressed share market, low interest rates and the collapse of multiple finance companies had re-framed the way New Zealanders looked at investments.

Bonus Bonds had played an important part in our society and our financial decisions for over 40 years. However, it was stuck in a bit of a time warp and had lost connection with the modern and savvy investors of today. It was not understood and an existing communications platform only reinforced the negative/dated clich├ęs of the brand.

To meet this ambitious objective, it was decided to fundamentally re-position Bonus Bonds as a credible financial option.

This was achieved through an integrated direct response campaign that also delivered a new tagline for the brand: The much more fun investment.

It has delivered truly outstanding results, surpassing all expectations, and has firmly safeguarded the position of the brand in the future.

FUM increased 394% above target for the May-September period.